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Port City Fear Factory

The Bearded Skulls have teamed up with Port City Fear Factory to bring a terrifying experience to Wilmington, NC this Halloween. Check back soon for more details.
NEWS- 6/18/23

'It's official!'

Jeff Goodwin's book "On Set Polaroids: Blue Velvet" will be available in 2024 from Reel Art Press.

NEWS- 6/21/22

'The Black Phone'

Lots of local talent, locations featured in Wilmington-shot horror film

NEWS- 1/21/22

Fangoria Exclusive: The Human Easter Egg in SCREAM

Makeup FX artist Rick Pour walks us through the character covered in callbacks, plus other nods in the new film.

NEWS- 1/18/22

Jamie Kennedy Reacts to ‘Scream (’22)’: 

“It’s Done Perfectly”-If you have not seen the latest Scream (2022) movie don’t read any further because there are spoilers here that could ruin your experience and we wouldn’t want that.0 seconds of 15 secondsVolume 0%This ad will end in 2 Jamie Kennedy took to YouTube to give his thoughts on the latest Scream (2022) movie. His character, Randy, as you recall appeared in the original film in 1996 and became the Yoda, if you will, of the franchise.

NEWS- 10/16/21

Oh, the horror! 

‘Halloween Kills,’ ‘The Black Phone’ and ‘Scream’ highlight talent of local special effects group.